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The beginning of the “new” history of the Gallery of Contemporary Art and Architecture – House of Arts of the city of České Budějovice began in 1998, when Michal Škoda stepped to its helm as Chief Curator.

The Gallery (run by the statutory city of České Budějovice) prepares exhibitions of the Czech Republic’s most interesting artists every year as well as of prominent authors from abroad. Such artists, for the most part, are presenting their works for the first time not only in our country but in Eastern Europe in general. Space is also provided for interesting young artists. The gallery is not a commercial or collector’s venue.


České Budějovice has succeeded in building an important and prestigious gallery with international renown, as the only one in the Czech Republic preparing an annual program with such a high number of high-quality international exhibitions. This also contributes to České Budějovice becoming part of the international consciousness not only as a city where a globally-known beer is brewed, but also as a place where something important is happening in the field of contemporary art and architecture.

A systematic work approach has resulted in the House of Arts being one of the best art venues available to visitors in the Czech Republic today.

A very important part of the Gallery’s activities also includes educational programs for children and youth, led by instructress Šárka Kosová. The Gallery also offers accompanying workshops, lectures, chamber concerts, contemporary dance, and more.

The House of Arts is located on the main České Budějovice town square. Exhibitions are presented in five rooms of the first floor with a total area of 150 m2.

Michal Škoda


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Mgr. Šárka Kosová


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The founder of the gallery is a statutory city České Budějovice

České Budějovice